1st Choice Computer Services: 
An introduction

            1st Choice Computer Services was started on the 13th of April 1997. However, it was formally recognized as a business only after August 1997, due to red tape and bureaucratic delays.

            The motivation behind starting 1st Choice Computer Services came from a personal experience. I bought a brand-name machine, and faced a lot of problems from it right from the start. After two years of delays, follow-ups, faxes, calls and replacements, I finally gave up. That's when I realized that the Indian scenario did not have any good service personnel available.

            So, I resolved to start a company that housed knowledgeable, efficient and technical personnel. After a few months, we realized that giving good technical service was not enough when the computers themselves were no good. That’s when we entered manufacturing/assembling of computers.

             Right from the start, it was a smash hit. We were the first to offer a maintenance contract with our machines. After all, when you buy a car or a bike, you get a free maintenance period… why not with a computer? Further, we realized that home machines required regular updates of certain software, such as Service Packs, driver updates, technology updates such as BIOS updates, etc, and we were the first to provide for that in our Annual Maintenance Contracts for all our machines.

             Then we entered the Import scenario. After formally registering ourselves as Importers, we contacted various suppliers in Asia, and started imports. Thus we gave our customers a better deal, assured genuine components. Along the way, we had picked up both Intel and Microsoft certification, and thus our customers were assured of quality and technical services.

            Over time, we saw many shortcomings in our services, and streamlined them, improving them, and making them more customer focused. We also saw new and emerging trends and capitalized on them. Now you can benefit from our experiences by seeing the current range of services we offer! Some of the steps we took were radical, and risky... but we were determined to live up to our motto: "Fortuna Favi Fortus".

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