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            You can use any of the following methods to contact us. We prefer faxes, but you can also use EMail as a preferred method. All our fax numbers are telefax, so press the "Start" button on your machine as soon as you hear a ring. You may have to call in a second time.

Contact Persons :

Priyasen R Shah, CEOPriyasen R Shah, CEO

        A Microsoft Certified Professional, handles the entire organization. Can be contacted directly using the methods below. Ace troubleshooter, varied knowledge.
Residential Contact Information:
Phone : (91-44) 5329051 / 5322805
Fax (91-44) 5329051 (Click a number to send me a FREE, non priority internet fax!)
Personal EMail (Business messages may be missed) : prshah@poboxes.com
Nisha, CRE
Nisha, CSE
Handles all customer related matters. Also on the road to becoming a Microsoft Certified Professional. Knows and uses computers extensively. Can be contacted directly using the methods below.

Contact Information:

            Telephonic :
Voice : (91-44) 5233989 / 519728 / 5263277
Fax (Telefax) : (91-44) 5263277 / 519728 
(Click a number to send me a FREE internet fax!) 
Data (Uploads only) : (91-44) 5329051,,,,^ (trailing characters for DTMF tone)
FaxBack System : (91-44) 5329051 (Request document 0 for more information)
Pager (Alphanumeric) : (91-44) 9628464467
AutoPaging (Numbers only) : (91-44) 9627464467

            Other :

               Microsoft NetMeeting: 1st Choice Computer Services SpeedDial
               Internet : http://www.poboxes.com/1stchoice (No trailing "/")!!
               EMail : 1stChoice@poboxes.com
               EMail auto-responder : 1stccs-info@autoresponder.freeyellow.com
               Mail : (Standard business envelope within India carries a Rs.3.00 stamp)
                           1st Choice Computer Services,
                                179 Thambu Chetty St, 2nd Floor,
                                Chennai 600001, Tamilnadu, India.

        You can either save this page, or click here to download my business card. (Zipped JPEG). Note that the latest numbers and contact details are enclosed in a text file.

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